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Employee-owners do it better: David Erdal at TEDxGlasgow

By April 25, 2016No Comments

Treat people as servants, as most companies do, and they behave like servants, David Erdal demonstrates. They work with less than full commitment, and achieve far less than they could. Treat them as partners, sharing information, wealth and influence — including electing the board and the CEO — and they perform out of their skins. Their working lives become more productive, their companies do better, and they themselves become happier.

More about David…
David Erdal’s lifelong passion to transform the ownership of business, making working life more rewarding for everyone, came from the experience of leading his family’s 1,500-employee papermill into all-employee ownership. He has helped dozens of businesses make that transformation, and advised companies in Slovenia, China, Zimbabwe and South Africa. His book Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working argues passionately, illuminated by examples from around the world, that employee-ownership is the way forward. The book has been praised by economists, businessmen, journalists, academics and also by the literary editor of the Scotsman, who made it his business book of 2011 — the only business book he’d ever finished.

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