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Have you discovered the Ownership Effect?

By August 20, 2018No Comments

The Ownership Effect Inquiry panel heard evidence from business owners and advisors

It is well known that companies with some form of employee ownership perform better than those without. Now a major research project in the UK inquiry has established the extent to which an economy gains from having increased employee ownership.

The Ownership Effect Inquiry, a panel of independent panel of UK business leaders and industry experts, heard and examined evidence from more than 100 employee-owned businesses and business advisers.

The Inquiry found that there is a significant and valuable Ownership Dividend to be gained from having more employee ownership in the UK economy. This would deliver a more productive and inclusive economy in three ways:

  • Improving UK productivity
  • Resilient regional economies
  • More engaged employees

The conclusions and final evidence report of The Ownership Effect Inquiry can be downloaded here. They were published in June and IPSA is of the opinion that they should be compulsory reading entrepreneurs, company executives and government policy makers in Ireland who want to grow and enhance the Irish economy and those who work in it.