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Jack FitzPatrick Lecture is an opportunity to hear from the experts

By March 8, 2023May 14th, 2024No Comments

Why does financial wellbeing matter for employees? This is the focus of this year’s IPSA Jack FitzPatrick lecture, a free event for IPSA members and their clients which takes place in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin on March 14th.

By attending this year’s lecture, you will have the opportunity to hear from experts in this space and connect with industry professionals and peers who share a commitment to employee wellbeing.

Our keynote speakers, Sarah Long from Wealth at Work and Mark O’Grady from Employee Financial Wellness, will cover key topics including:

  • The current challenges for employees in Ireland
  • How employee financial wellness programmes are playing a crucial role in a more holistic approach to employee wellness in the workplace
  • How to run an effective financial wellness programme
  • Examples of how other organisations are running successful programmes and the positive impact on their employees
  • How financial wellness programmes are effective in successfully promoting employee benefits such as Employee Share Schemes and Pension Schemes

Employee financial wellness is becoming increasingly important in Ireland as the cost of living continues to rise and economic uncertainty continues. The current financial challenges for employees in Ireland are similar to those in other countries, with issues such as rising costs of living, job insecurity, and difficulty in accessing credit.

Learn how a successful financial wellness programme can help your employees to make the most of their finances. It focuses on helping employees to make informed decisions about their finances, matching their income to their goals and building financial resilience. It involves providing employees with the knowledge and resources to make sound financial decisions and living their best life.

The Jack FitzPatrick Lecture 2023, which takes place in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin on March 14th, is sponsored by Dalata Hotel Group, Wealth at Work and Employee Financial Wellness. It is a free event for IPSA members and their clients, starting with a drinks reception at 5pm and speakers from 6pm.

Click here to book your place at the Jack FitzPatrick Lecture 2023.