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Share your company’s experience of equity compensation

By November 1, 2023No Comments
What are companies in Ireland and abroad doing when it comes to equity compensation? The Global Shares Equity Compensation Insights Survey will seek to answer that question by gathering insights into the use of equity compensation in private and public companies of all sizes around the world. IPSA encourages its members and subscribers who are share plan issuers to complete the survey, which will gather information about practices in areas such as:
  • Which equity awards are used by most companies?
  • How do companies administer their share plans (in-house/outsource/or both)?
  • What are the the main pain points experienced by companies when administering share plans?
  • Do companies offer all-employee plans?
  • Which employee groups are eligible for equity awards?
The survey is anonymous and is aimed at issuers of share plans rather than professional advisors. We ask that professional advisors share it with clients that have implemented share plans and would be open to completing a survey on their experience. Global Shares will make the results of the survey available to participants through a free report. This will allow companies to learn how they stack up against firms within their industry, and help them optimise their equity strategy. The survey will remain open until the end of November 2023.