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IPSA announces Policy Projects for 2018

By November 30, 2017No Comments

IPSA has decided on the key policy projects we will focus on for 2018. Members are encouraged to participate in all our lobbying and advocacy work during the year. You can send in suggestions, thoughts and ideas to and we will endeavour to work with your suggestions to create a better employee share ownership environment for 2018 and beyond.

Our key policy projects for 2018 are:

  1. Key Employee Engagement Programme -KEEP

There is still much to be done for KEEP to get it to a workable position for most start-ups and SMEs. We will work tirelessly to get this new piece of legislation fit for purpose. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions, get writing to with your two cents worth!

  1. Pensions and Share plans

During 2018, IPSA’s Employee Financial Involvement Sub-Committee will continue to work with the IAPF (Irish Association of Pension Funds), the Department of Social Welfare, Department of Finance and Revenue to provide a share incentive-focused solution that can help ease the growing pension savings shortfall inIreland. Want to get involved, or help? Please email and we will forward your suggestions and thoughts to the EFI sub-committee

  1. Succession Planning for SMEs

With more than 99% of active businesses in Ireland classified as SME, IPSA plans to work on helping SMEs with succession planning through Employee Ownership Trusts. For members keen to get involved, please contact us on

  1. Approved Profit Sharing Schemes (APSS) & Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE)

IPSA is keen to review and work on improving SAYE legislation during 2018.

  1. Financial Wellbeing

IPSA wants to help and support employees who want to know more about getting a handle on their finances and take ownership of their financial wellbeing. We plan to work with government agencies and Irish businesses to support this crucial element of being a grown-up! Again, if you are interested in getting involved with the sub-committee. please contact